Wednesday, March 25, 2009

university admission part II: officially accepted!

I am officially accepted! And will start my new life as a new person, in a new place, a new school. I will meet new people, experience new things, all in a new setting. And all by myself.

I will learn so much and try so many things an island (also known as a 'country') cannot offer.

That's going to be one hella adventure.

Friday, March 20, 2009

i am alive!

Here to say hi and assure you that yes, i am alive. Tell you what i've been up to when i can.

It's so good to see the blog world remain colourful. Fresh ideas, cool recommendations, new movements, hot gossips. I want to plunge into the fun too! But i suppose that must wait. I'll see you back here later.

Happy blogging!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

and my happy pill today..

To have discovered this! Ah, how rad is this place? It certainly didn't allow design to overwhelm the feeling of 'home'. Can't believe how pretty it is just so simple like that. I'll be one of those to enjoy a place like this because i laze around at home too often. Also nuts about big windows and lots of sunlight pouring in. Except, i would probably change the colour of the walls and get some frames up.

I must be getting old.. and fast. Sheesh. (via blackeiffel)

university admission

I've been busy putting together documents and transcripts for my university admission and i am as excited as i am teary and heartbroken.

I don't know how to live away from my brother and my bf. :(
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