Tuesday, November 29, 2011

stuff i haven't got to share..

I thought i'd share all the little new additions in my life. Just to celebrate the sunshine, which i so love.

1. Dessert Table

Took a stab at this for my sweet nephew. The thought alone felt distant & almost impossible but we did it & had so much fun! Nautical because it is a timeless theme. Personally, at least.

2. My Engagement Ring!
by Bario-Neal

If you know me well enough, you'll know i'm no fan of conventional jewellery. 'Handcrafted' is perfect for my bling appetite. Big time. The imperfections & knowing that every piece may have suffered or enhanced from maybe a funny angle of the maker's arm, his mood, the weather.. something. The very human, abstract concept is so magical to me. I feel like it speaks. I thought this ring, apart from it being simply beautiful, makes so much sense. A knot to be tied.. but not quite yet! I'll keep this piece forever.

3. Sarah Wilson
An AMAZING woman. Here's some background information on why she inspires me: Like Sarah, i suffer from an auto-immune disease. Now this is only an umbrella term for many different diseases that comes under this shade. What it does is, it makes your immune system go bonkers. Where the immune system is meant to drop in and help your body, it probably isn't. Where it's not meant to be working, it probably is. It's difficult & it's usually chronic. Your mood, your food, your lifestyle, every little thing about you can aggravate this disease. Most, if not all auto-immune diseases are 1st world diseases. Why?

In her blog, the Australian TV personality & journalist shares how she deals with it. Inadvertently, she cracks secrets behind the junk we're consuming from our supermarket aisles, radiation from our home appliances, our modern lifestyle & how all that contributes to our health. She also blogs about social stigmas, social responsibilities, going green, happiness, buddhist thoughts, spiritual health & so much other good stuff. And of course, she's totally hot.

4. My Organic Adventure

So because one thing leads to another. Sarah's blog has forced me to rethink my daily supplies. Soap, food (including my cat's!), bottles, everything. I'm officially on a journey now. I quit table sugars, use organic soap & shampoo, included supplements into my diet.. the list is ever-expanding & these baby steps have already proven to come a long way. You actually feel the difference. Lovin' it.

5. Suhaib Webb

"Suhaib Webb is a contemporary American-Muslim educator, activist, and lecturer." - Wikipedia

Its a bonus, this imam is definitely into hiphop. I came across suhaibwebb.com & read articles that instantaneously renewed my faith. This is a blog created for the American Muslim youths but because we're not too far different from them, i found relevance. Answers after answers. As cyber as it seems, imam Suhaib Webb & his soul-saving site are like THE islamic teachers of my life. Archaic ideologies are what they are, archaic. It felt impossible to apply what my parents were taught back in the days, into my life today. But this, this is practical advice. Its a huge warm welcome to the curious cats who no longer knew where to go or just what to do to find their spiritual center.

Beyond everything, this website has taught me to live & to think further, deeper, purer. This decade's islamophobia phenomenon has made it far more difficult for us liberal muslim youths to understand, practice & spread a better understanding of our peaceful religion. Believe me when i say, it will not only give you the manuals on how to tackle anti-islam sentiments, it will urge you to live life intelligently & responsibly. I cannot put into words how differently i now tackle so many aspects of my life today. It's like my entire view of life & the world, has never made more sense.
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