Wednesday, November 26, 2008

updates and another flea

My dears, i'm doing this flea on Sunday and i hope you'll come. We're putting out little treasures ranging from used books to tie & dye tshirts for sale. The gorgeous Mary, just as the explosion of colours on her tie & dye fabrics, is as creative as she is unique and will be there to take orders if you'd like a personalised tie & dye tee. More on that here.

Further, i won't be doing CD sales for The Sally's this weekend but i urge you to head on down and get it in the name of support. Or else, come enjoy the music anyway. I'm going to be there gumming up a 'little-big-project' that i am very nervous, overjoyed and grateful for. Maybe i'll share it with you if it all falls into place. IF.

Tomorrow on, i am going to be so occupied by mountains of important work. It's frightening to look a few hours ahead of now and picture myself running around mad for time. Oh it's looming over me already.

Taking on a random interview for an overambitious job that's keeping me in doubt. I'm lulled into thinking how pretty it'd be on my miserable resume and was almost about to plunge in at full tilt until i realised, i have just a tad more than half a year before i'm taking off. My options are as such..

I can:
(a) spare myself the ordeal of a challenging job, get on with a simple one and when the time comes, fly off.
(b) attempt something close to a suicide by going forward with it, learn as much as i can from the not so many months at it and depart.

What are your thoughts about this dilemma?

Monday, November 24, 2008

in the coming weeks..

Good Monday! Just so you know..

See you there!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i love you, Erin Wasson.

I'm head over heels in love with Erin Wasson and her style. What in the world.. It makes me want to hit my head with a racket just to quit obsessing about her. And i'm devastated that her collaboration with RVCA: Erin Wasson x RVCA that's launching Spring '09, is not only unavailable here, it also doesn't ship to most parts of Asia except Hong Kong if you're thinking of shopping online. Unless of course, it shows up in eBay? I don't know.

(more pics here)

Friday, November 21, 2008

picture post: post-halloween birthday party!

I'm sorry i'm a little behind with these pictures from my brother's 18th birthday the other day but here they are now. Very briefly, the surprise and some of us in costumes.. Pretty hilarious.

On that day, my brother didn't shower since he woke and left to skate. In this picture, he came home surrounded by all of us shouting "surprise!". So gross..

And here he is showered and in his 'terrorist' outfit.

Me as the corpse bride, kinda. I'm not handy with make up so i found this idea here. And that's my mom's dress, t'was a gift when she turned 21.

Muay thai boxer, possibly the most comfortable outfit.

Highlight of the day, naughty school girl (with my bra on!).

More like Mars Volta turn nazi, Nigel.

Definitely best dressed! Those 'grills' were made out of aluminium foil.

Adam was supposed to be Tarzan until we decided he was better off as a caveman.

This was the Freddy versus Jason stunt.

We thought Mabel looked so much like Emily the Strange. Her intention was to be Bloody Mary and Salina was a ventriloquist doll.

Mr. James Bond and our very own Jabbawockeez.

I was so impressed! These kids made tremendous effort coming all dressed up and that contributed greatly to the success of the party. They were so much fun to work and party with. Overwhelming and I'm forever grateful.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

and the party..

So there was laughing, dancing, costumes, food, cameras flashing, fooling around, mocktails, flairing and all kinds of fun. It was kick-ass with these kids. And my brother thought he had the best birthday ever. Mission accomplished! Here's a peek at the party..

Our little mocktail bar, bartender, birthday boy and friends.

A party is not a party if something dirty doesn't happen.

Saddam Hussein, 'Hitler', Bond and urm.. his girl?

I guess the creative process of this party and the cooperation of my brother's good friends were the best bit of it all. Sure was a challenge considering i had less than a week to put everything together and all within a suffocating budget too. Thank you again and again and again for making it the best one for that brat brother of mine. I'm glad everyone enjoyed dinner and themselves.

See you on the morrow!

bio-clock reverts.. finally.

Good morning! Look who's up this early? Weeewiiit~


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

still on photos

I'm still at it, believe it or not. There's just too many pictures and i'm sorting them out for print to scrapbook and my sites. Collectively, it's gone far more than 300 photos which is a good deal for all that hardwork involved in the making. So i'm posting some out by tomorrow. Just don't be too hopeful.

Taking a nap, going out to grab dinner in some hours. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Melaka is home

Taking a road trip out to Melaka in approximately a fortnight. My family and I are going back 'home' to my paternal grandmother's little kampung for Eid and lots of firecrackers (yes, we ordered them). Yay to suburbia!

I have been imagining all the fun there'll be a thousand times over. By the way, I found this bed & breakfast in Melaka recommended by casual poet and I'm definitely dropping by for a visit.

What a pretty little place..

Eeeeks! Makes me want to have toast and tea right about now.

And just in case you'd like to do the same, Voyage's Travellers' Lounge & Enterprise's address is:
No 40, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka
Tel. No: 06-2815216
Operation Time: Everyday 12pm-1am

I can hardly wait.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Will you be there?

I might but probably not. Depends. Have a nice time if you're heading that way friends!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

dear ballet, i miss you..

In Rachel Papo's Desperately Perfect series, she documents young Katya's story at the St. Petersburg Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia. Ballet is the most fascinating Art form in my opinion and Vaganova the most beautiful of all the different Ballet techniques/methods/school of thoughts. But probably also, more gruelling.

These young dancers fascinate me and at the same time, make me feel sorry for them. Perfection is the spell that magically captivates audiences into the surreal world of Dance. And perfection, is every dancer's goal. By any means necessary.

I'm all nostalgic looking at these excellent pictures and I can hear my teacher screaming at me in her Russian accent already!

"Maria you're fat and jelly! Don't sickle your feet! Point harder! Suck in your stomach! Lengthen, lengthen! Don't arch your back! Stop being lazy! Your legs are weak! Jump higher! Strengthen your ankles!"

Makes me want to laugh and cry thinking about it.

Oh well, enjoy the excellent weather readers..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

still grieving, pretty busy, taking a break

Just so you know, the 'horror movie marathon' I mentioned as a post-halloween celebration at my place was a big fat lie. Steadily, I was planning my brother's (here it comes, the mouthful) post-halloween birthday party, in secret. My not-so-little brother just turned 18 and I took it in my stride to throw him one of my budget friendly, DIY parties. I was so nasty to myself because I feel so unhealthily responsible for throwing what must be considered a superb one. My brother is my only sibling, you see. So I only have myself to blame if he's really spoilt. Oh wait, he already is. Guilty!

I'm ecstatic to share details of the party with you folks but i'm still absorbing the impact of my friend's death so i'm going to take a few days off by keeping my posts spotty as a form of respect. Which could also work as an excuse to take my time with the hundreds of photos I've collated of the party (this has been keeping me real busy). I also have a strange story to share from a few days ago, I'll be back to tell it to you.

Meanwhile, have a sweet Wednesday everyone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

rest in peace dear Kethrine..

My former classmate Kethrine, passed away last Saturday. She committed suicide by jumping from the 30th floor of a flat. Her body was smashed beyond recognition. :( Who would expect the bubbly, always cheerful Kethrine to end her life so tragically. I will not disclose why she did it because it doesn't matter.

You will be missed, Ket. Our hearts and prayers will be with you wherever you may be, i'm sure you're in a better place now. May you rest in peace, my dear.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

spooky + cookies= spookies!

Look what I made for later!

It's really simple. I used Lotus Caramelised Snack Biscuits, white baking chocolate and chocolate chips.

Simply melt the chocolate (I used a double boiler), coat biscuits with it like above, add chocolate chip eyes and finally, leave it to harden. Done!

My brother says he can't help but just stare at it and smile. Neither can I. It's like a gang of ghosties.

Thanks Marta!

Friday, November 7, 2008

my haunted mansion in progress!

Busy with the post-halloween party tomorrow. Lot's of crafty activities and grocery shopping today. Can't wait to show you what it looks like tomorrow!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hooray for a (hopefully) new America!

(poster by Casey Brooks)

I do not know enough about Barrack Obama to parade a full out front about how much I believe he is capable. That is as good as riding the trend bus, isn't it? Now, what I did was wake up to the 6.30 morning news that airs till half past 9 just to catch the last U.S election debate on domestic policy between John Mccain and the now hope for a new America, President Obama. In all honesty, it was close to watching a police chase.

Having said that, I will stand among Obama's most useless voters: the non-americans. Only because he is confidently focused on his priorities running the country and ruling out all policies linked to the Bush administration. And of course, that his priority is the American people. I am steered to his camp because he insists that what America needs is not the same old policies that keeps failing, what it needs is an entirely new direction which is a promise Mccain has made as well, for the record.

Scoping into one, Obama's set his sights to cut taxes on 95% of Americans and raise a small percentage of it for the rest of them who earn more than USD 250,000 a year. Chucking the statistics aside, it is as simple as, if you're earning well you'll need to contribute a little more to help working class families get a leg up and pull through the recession. Mccain on the other hand, is not going to raise anybody's taxes but in turn, will give oil and gas companies tax breaks because he feels that it is necessary to encourage businesses which will (supposedly) create more jobs for the people. He's very concerned with keeping businesses.

Oh and get this, John is awfully bitter about Obama's move to increase taxes on high income Americans and refers to it as 'spreading the wealth around'. Now what does that say about John? John is a typical American politician.

There is so much that Obama will offer as a president and I am so moved by his dedication to working-class families and young Americans. His commitment to provide good and affordable education, preventive health care, health care coverage, to action on energy conservation, to advocate fair trade and so much more. I am also very moved to know that he perceives American youths to be the driving force of the country's economy through the 21st century, thus, the necessity to invest and nurture them is one of his top priorities. Not forgetting advocating family values and other moral equivalents.

So I'm sorry, John. You were very petty on the issue of negative campaigning especially when it touched on the admirable John Lewis and his allegations. You were also shoving 'the American dream' down our throats, over and over again. To add to that, you stammer far too much, have no control over your emotions and as a result, struggle to put your thoughts into a string of coherent words. Your attacks were this clumsy..

"Senator government.." (Senator Obama)
"Bresh of freth air.." (Breath of fresh air)

But this one is a classic,

"Senator Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago".


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

making pancakes!

Hot pancakes for brunch on a cool and pretty noon. Enjoy the weather while it lasts, lovelies.

staying in

I hope to sleep in these next few days and get better. This fever is unpredictable and I am miserable wondering if I'm recovering at all. On a separate note, I have all these fun projects in my head for the horror movie marathon this weekend. Let's see how that goes.

Kicking the addiction. Evidently it is not the easiest pursuit. Many times, inflicting harm on oneself is as seductive as it is stupid. Why is it so hard for me to love me?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the other two who stole my heart

My nieces. So adorable, I can just melt.

My cousin Mimi is a mother of two very beautiful little girls. This is Sarah, the elder of them. So tiny and so indescribably adorable.

Emelda, my whopper jr. What's left to say about this one?
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