Saturday, February 28, 2009


Just recently, my brother designed a logo for a friend of ours who, along with a collective of her friends, became involved in the Singapore Indie Documentary Festival. Her team, underneatheradar, brought down a number of documentaries and shorts tackling poverty, politics, mass consumption, and social issues. I am deeply moved and take my hats off to them. Ah, this is superb.

I am very passionate about this line of work but unlike them, i failed to do much in the fight except whine about not having time, inspiration and resources. Just watching the success of this team blew me away. I salute.

Please support this, my dears!I reckon it's going to be inspirational and hopefully, life changing for us. See you there!

Visit and the official SIDF website.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

en pointe

(by noraini)

My old pal rang me up while i was in my stupor one morning and asked if he could borrow my pointe shoes. You bet i was shocked. His sweet girlfriend has a project that she's working on and needs it for the shoot she was doing. I had no second thoughts about it and check out the end product! They were so sweet to have bothered sending me a copy (i've met many people who don't, sadly).

So pretty hey?

I had the shivers when i first saw it. It sums up my relationship with dance very, very accurately. And ironically, it's only incidental. Like the song 'Killing Me Softly'. This is starting to sound dramatic and i'm chuckling already. See you on the morrow, my loves!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

more of yesterday

Only because it is Tuesday, the start of another busy day..
Breakfast: Sunflower-wheat bread and butter, english breakfast tea, fruit bowl of apples and bananas.

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends.

Monday, February 23, 2009

my perfect monday

I love that it rained all morning so i stayed in and made the most out of my time at home and am so pleased with today. I've been complaining about not having time to do the things i love and i did it all just now. There's no place better to be at on a wet monday morning than home.

Fixed myself a decent breakfast, did some exercise, watched the 2nd series of 'Come Dine With Me', read the news, blog-hopped, fooled around with facebook and now, blogging.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will you be my valentine forever?

Previously on V'day..
The cutest brownie/sweets bags ever! It would've packed those cookies you made for your sweetheart most perfectly. I'd take on this gift idea any day by just changing the template. (via Armelle)

In case you're not much of a baker.. try this,

(via madebygirl)

To those of us who are in love or still brooding about being single, this is the best gift for us, serving as a reminder for we often forget to love ourselves before we do someone else. I am learning how to love me and you should too. Just the way you are, of course. (via ali loves curtis)

Me, I had dinner with my bestfriends to celebrate 7 or more years of friendship and went dancing the night away to DJ Solarstone (to be worshipped!) with the rest of my loves. It was fabulous, all of it!

And to the person who amazes me with his love daily,

Will you be my valentine (and camp-out buddy) forever?

(le love)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're chilling by yourself, celebrating with your special someone or hanging out with your friends,

have a beautiful valentine's day, my loves.

Friday, February 13, 2009

love is love

You snap out of self-destruction and discover that this heart has no care for its pesky problems than for the love of the one it truly aches for.

I knew that all i needed was to lean on Yas and all is well once again. I smiled, i laughed, i kissed, i told stories.. In short, i'm back as myself.
I must've done something right in my life to deserve this guy.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, what're your plans? With me being annoyingly down and uninspired the past weeks and Yas working tomorrow night, i don't have any hard work or masterpiece to share or boast about. But i am so impressed by some of the v'day crafts done by other bloggers that i would so love to share them if i can just find time.

I'm feeling like the luckiest girl in the world at present because i'm not going to be lonely at home tomorrow. My beautiful girls and i are going out for dinner and a mini gifts exchange. Like renewing friendship vows. Ah, my heart wants to explode.

Love is love. Godly in the most earthly way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

just what i need, the beautiful rain

It's finally raining and oh i miss the rain. Just looking out the window and smelling the rain is therapy on a whole new level already. I am so tempted to get Yas out of bed for a stroll in the rain with me.

My dears, we all have good weeks and bad ones. The last couple of weeks has made me much less of a warrior and honestly, i am tired and not feeling much like myself. For the many of us who were never born a positive person, cultivating it isn't the simplest thing to accomplish. Very much like fighting a war within yourself. I am so determined to keep charging forth and get through this tough time. Go over the hedge and emerge victorious.

Till then.

Have a glorious week, my loves.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what the butler saw

Have you seen the works of Loretta Chen? One of the big names in our local theatre scene today. Sometime ago she directed 251 and The Vagina Monologues. Now she's gone on to direct What The Butler Saw which is a remake of Joe Orton's satire and that's to debut this 7th February. I am so going to see it and you should too! More details and ticket prices here.

I didn't know she was directing another play until i bumped into her just a few days back. The story is that Loretta was my lecturer back in arts school, she taught me art theory and was probably the most laid back teacher at that time. She's incredibly open to discuss any topics, questions or answers and was a nice balance of passionate teacher and humorous friend. Which eventually lead to students smuggling beer into the lecture hall and such. That was then.

Anyway, we did a quick catch up and it ended with me telling her the unfortunate tale of why i left dance and what i was about to do in the months to come. She was so excited for me, knowing i wasn't going to give up art as a whole and handed me her name card. So now here's the happy ending. As if my star was bright that hot and humid Sunday, she offered me to come work for her when i graduate and come back. Eeeek! I would've ran around naked! It was such an honour.

The issue is, though, i never imagine i'd come back but i suppose it's always great to have a Plan B.

We'll see what the future has in store for me. For now, i invite you to join in my journey towards the unpredictable future.
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