Thursday, January 29, 2009

up on my photo-blog this week

At last, i've got some pictures uploaded on my photo-blog! Following my last post, i've put up some photos from the party at Angus'.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

city of love/god

You guys, how was the lunar new year? I got the rest much needed and had a teeny weeny party over at Angus' crazy rocking apartment in the heart of town. So pretty i almost moved in. I have pictures to share. Also, watched City of God, which is a brilliant film based on a true story.

Thanks so much for your well wishes about my taking a break. I have the sweetest readers.

By the way, what's going on this Valentine's Day? Me and Yas hasn't spoken about it at all. On the second thought, I think we did, very briefly though. Which only means one thing, neither of us have got a clever idea up our sleeves and is too afraid to say so or, one or both of us has an idea and is getting sneaky about it. I'm getting butterflies already.

Again, Valentine's Day isn't just for us with a partner. I am spending the lovely 14th with my girlfriends and will toast to our many, many, many years of friendship. I have an amazing friendship with 4 of my girls.

Eeek! I'm all mush right now. Better be going and in the meantime, have a peek at the explosive works of Irene Suchoki. This series, 'Paris: City of Love', is my favourite. Came across and marveled while surfing for my V'day surprise. Enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

we're closed

Just kidding. Taking a blog-break for the week. In major need of rest and rejuvenation. Have a good week, my loves!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

all that jazz

Gasp! I feel like gathering a bunch of random girlfriends and watch Theo Crocker in action at this jazz club in town (i never knew it existed!). What dyou think? Shall we?

If no one wants to come and all else fails, i'm so going with Dad. Can't think of a bigger jazz fan.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

le smoking

Now that is a smoking blonde. (le smoking)

Which reminds me, i should get my rayban fixed or some advice about what to do with it now that it's a little damaged after being sat on by accident (it happens, doesn't it?). Just maybe, i should invest in one with a smaller frame like hers? Don't know if it works on my face shape though. Shrugs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

of what might come

Hi and sorry about the tension left lingering in the air, product of the last post. I hope it came out right though. I didn't mean to offend except to say what's been bugging me. Anyhow, I just want to apologise where it can be applied.

Moving on.

Alas, one of my life's goal might just come real. To move out by 21. I am so anxious and am dying for it to happen. Doing my sums more intensely now than ever to a point of insomnia. Sometimes i give myself unnecessary pressure and best be brained with a shoe.

A strange feeling just washed over me and i've a gut feeling that entries will reduce from something almost daily to maybe once a couple of days. That motion may go on for months, can't tell for sure. But by mid-year, i suspect things around here will take on a completely different form.

And as always, can't resist sharing a few more series of pictures with you folks. Just need to find time to re-organize, edit where necessary and go through the pain of uploading. That's just one way of looking at it. The other, well, I'll have them out soon anyway.

Have a rocking Tuesday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

to whom it may concern,

I understand that there's so many of us who qualify as a 'regular, middle-class kid' and write 'non-fictitious' stuff, including yourself quite obviously. I saw your blog get constructed and now de-constructed for a really long time now which means i also know you've once linked me and then un-linked me. I am not offended.

What really bugs me is this, is NOT Erin Wasson's blog and i'm almost so sure that you know that, so i think it's a very bad idea that you're misleading your readers that way. I hope you ammend it, it's not very nice.

Glad you enjoy the links i put through here. Just blog honestly and be yourself, everything's going to be okay.


Friday, January 9, 2009

on my wishlist

There's a reason why wishlists are called wish-lists. Wishes don't always come true. So i probably won't ever get this swell sweater dress by Alexander Wang but it certainly is up on my wishlist this year. But there's no way you can not pair that with wishing to shed at least 10kg before you have any courage at all to get into that.

Words count for little when it's about losing weight. Gees, so impossible.
(via becauseimaddicted)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

family business

I just melted and ooze from watching this animation done by my mad creative cousin mimi out of her daughter's artwork.

Daughter's artwork+mom's animation+dad wrote the song+folks' band played it=awwww.

I can't help but to be such a girly girl about these things. Le sigh.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a little blue

(by Jen, who is my favourite)

I'm a little blue and a little in pain. It's that time of the month and a girl must brave through discomfort, cramps and raging hormones. Hygiene is so crucial and keeps you on your toes 24/7, 7 days of that unfortunate week, so i don't get the best sleep during this time.

Uninspired right now. I can only think of puffy white linen sheets and some Frank Sinatra. I intend to take it easy this week. Wishing yours to be better, friends..

Monday, January 5, 2009

officially starting over

It's Monday and officially my new year. Meaning to say that the day i've decided to get serious about living up to my resolutions started at midnight except i was asleep or trying to, so now's it.

On Saturday, my bestfriend (more like family since it's been more than 10 years since i knew her), turned 21. She wanted to have a birthday party by the beach under white tentages litted by candles, a lot of good food and all her loved ones gathered. With what little budget we had, that was exactly what happened. We were successful in giving her that dream birthday, if not maybe a pinch more. I loved it and she did too.

The night prior to her big day, Sally and i were both at home, cooking tirelessly in the kitchen. We couldn't afford to cater and felt our food was better. And we were right, just so you know. The response was encouraging, the lasagne, sushi and all that food. Encouraging because Aaron asked if he could order a tub of sushi from me. Order a tub. What, serious?

Just trying to reason out why i chose today to get real (real as in realistic), about my 2009 because there's no way i could with another party coming up. I have been having too much fun since sometime before Christmas and its time to draw the line, refocus and adjust myself into the things i've set myself to do. Besides, too much party makes me uneasy, everything about it as a matter of fact. The lack of sleep, the excessive eating, spending less time at home, too exhausted to take a bath or wipe off my make-up before i go to bed, no peace and quiet, no space for thoughts.. i'm sure you get it. It's as if your mind, body and soul are all over the place. So no more for now because life is not always a party and should never always be. Afterall, i am turning 21 and i wish to embrace adulthood by first stepping into it on the correct foot and second, being more put together and hopefully, a little more mature.

I'm exceptionally chatty today, please excuse the lenghty entry. It's one of 'those' days.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

my new year's morning

My new year's big breakfast: Turkey bacon and butterhead on multi-grain, sausage, scrambled eggs.

Goodbye simply breakfast (officially)!
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