Monday, January 12, 2009

of what might come

Hi and sorry about the tension left lingering in the air, product of the last post. I hope it came out right though. I didn't mean to offend except to say what's been bugging me. Anyhow, I just want to apologise where it can be applied.

Moving on.

Alas, one of my life's goal might just come real. To move out by 21. I am so anxious and am dying for it to happen. Doing my sums more intensely now than ever to a point of insomnia. Sometimes i give myself unnecessary pressure and best be brained with a shoe.

A strange feeling just washed over me and i've a gut feeling that entries will reduce from something almost daily to maybe once a couple of days. That motion may go on for months, can't tell for sure. But by mid-year, i suspect things around here will take on a completely different form.

And as always, can't resist sharing a few more series of pictures with you folks. Just need to find time to re-organize, edit where necessary and go through the pain of uploading. That's just one way of looking at it. The other, well, I'll have them out soon anyway.

Have a rocking Tuesday.


cantstopmunching said...

you'll be about 3 hours ahead of us. and i wont have my maria when i need her... :'(


Maria A. L. said...

:( i'm getting real emotional about this too. rrrgh. don't want to leave but want to leave. sigh.

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