Thursday, January 28, 2010

Herb & Dorothy

I've been meaning to watch this cute and endearing story of the famous Vogels. It's finally screening for the first time here in Asia and you can watch it at the Design Film Fest that's near over. I think i've been missing out on these goodies for some time now, let's get back on track.

p.s WHDH, sad you can't make it cos this other one's for you!

By the way, WHDH has a wonderful blog, so give her a visit. Her posts are really fun and informative. She makes me want to go back to art school all the time!

In other news, i'm just about to link everyone following me from here. Tell me if that's okay or i'll just go ahead with it. xx

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

maggie gyllenhaal

I really can relate to some of maggie's features. Her chubby cheeks, droopy almond eyes, weird lips, awkward un-toned body and her oh-so-not-photogenic smile. She's no classic beauty but she's that rare, untypical, no-plastic-surgery hollywood beau and i so love her.

She's strangely cute, really sexy, very genuine, can be a little scruffy and most importantly, so laid back and low key. She's a goddess.

I didn't bring Maggie up just because of this wicked le smoking photo of her which i think is a cross between rockstar superficial and picture perfection. But, here i go again, hair obsessed. Now that my blonde days are over, i really want those curls she's banging! This is getting so unhealthy..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a sexy couple, their home & her hair colour.

An amazing city, the cutest couple alive, the coolest home. This is my favourite house tour. It may not be anything like the ones i've posted but this one is so full of character and colours. It feels so genuinely home for this sexy pair. This is Elli Rose and Gui's home in Tokyo. So kick ass, i loooooove this.

I'm so digging her hair colour! I think it's insane and not quite the ordinary. What do you think? Looks like this will be the beginning of my new-hair-colour obsession all over again?

Happy Tuesday!
(more over at The Selby)

Monday, January 25, 2010

a little late today..

Sorry. If you're wondering where i've been, i'm just right here in front of the screen, finger clicking and eyes darting all over the web. January's almost over and though i'm so pleased with how this year started, i'm still trying to pump it up further as we go along the months. With respect to my blog, i'm already on the mill getting a few new things started and running so i am actually suggesting you stick around and watch them unfold.

For a quick update..

I'm working on trying to get my camera fixed or replaced because blogging isn't the same without it.

My brother's churning out a rad blog so stay tuned.

Cease to cook temporarily until i own a functioning camera and a mentally stimulated mind.

No projects for now but i'm looking for a book club to be a part of. If you know any, please comment and share. You'll be rewarded with good karma, i'm certain.

Sharing with you some favourite old visuals in the next few days, ie sexy smoking images and some sick homes. So be ready and let's meet back here tomorrow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

dreaming of India

I find myself dreaming about India these couple of days and i so badly want to experience it. So in the chaos of yesterday, a sweet friend of mine wanted me to take my skills somewhere and that place is no other than the magnificent Chennai, India. I haven't thought much about it since i barely had the chance to but i see myself lying in bed tonight thinking long and hard (with a smile of course) if i would want to live there. Even if just for a while. Let's see how that's going to work out! Whatever the outcome may eventually be, i know i want to be there. Someday soon hopefully.

Yesterday was a loooooong day and i have a splitting headache now. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a fairytale treehouse honeymoon

When my girls and i get together, we sometimes chat about our girly dreams and as you may have already expect, we've talked about our dream honeymoon a million times over. Whatever they may be, i'm pretty sure you haven't heard of a treehouse honeymoon? One that's tucked in what looks like a magical forest?

This is Treehouse Point in Washington, isn't it so beautiful? Think about all that you can possibly do together! Stargazing, exploring the woods, enjoying the therapeutic sounds of nocturnal wildlife at night.. A lengthy list of adventures. What a place!

I'm giving myself a little more time to stare at these pictures and dream before running off to prepare for a looooong day tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

(via a cup of jo)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

this much of the new year..

Ahh.. Looks like a promising start of the year or the start of a promising year? I did a little soul search back in Bali and it proved to be very inspiring. My bub and i have been rethinking our pursuits and made the decision to place ourselves in a different arena this year. We intend to be more ambitious, more together and live life with humour, creativity, gusto and zeal. More than anything, we want to be the best that we can be together as a team taking on a new lifestyle.

How's the new year treating you?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bali 2010

Bali is still magically gorgeous, friendly and warm, rich in its culture, safe and oh so exhilarating. Though in some areas, a pinch more expensive and a little more developed. Bali is getting richer and we know she deserves it.
This time round, our friend Zie, took us into her amazing home somewhere a little further away from where the great Tanah Lot Temple stood. I consider myself way too lucky to be given a chance to experience the real Bali.
We woke up to sun-kissed paddy fields that stretched into the horizon, locals living a different kind of life away from mass tourism and commercial grounds, we watched villagers rise early to work on plantations, we ate local push cart food..
And for the highlight of it all, we rode on Zie's horses through lengths of paddy fields into a secluded beach where there was not a single tourist! Black volcanic sand, clear water, clean beach and hardly anyone there except for a few young couples and some kids pocket biking on dirt bike tracks sponsored by Electric. I was so honoured to be there! Thanks zie!

Balinese food is too good to miss, i learnt that this time! So if you're planning on vacationing there, be adventurous and don't ignore roadside stalls. They serve the best local delights, three times cheaper than the many restaurants and cafes. Just make sure they cook it fresh for you, if you're afraid you might get sick. The downside is that i've gained so much weight from this trip and i'm paying for it now. So no yummy food posts in the weeks to come! But here's some photos for your viewing pleasure. Come back tomorrow!

(kick-ass photos stolen from Nini, my talented babe)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

in Bali from 7th till 15th.

Good morning! Leaving for the airport now! Will be back next weekend so see you then! xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cirebon, the place that changed my life

The experience from my trip to Cirebon, Indonesia cannot be bounded by words. Many times, i try to write an account of it and as many times, i fail. It disappoints me. I hadn’t traveled all the way to Cirebon to shoot the breeze about life there, i truly wanted to share what i've brought home. Something special and life-changing.

It was as if we were on a mission and like all secret agents, i knew perfectly what we had planned like it was the back of my hand. Secretly also, i knew Indonesia more than i cared to admit and figured i was in her favour. In my image of her, i saw vast fields stretched out in the absence of cars and many villagers hard at work. The air charged with labour but smelt like a cool September day. Little did i know or expect, i was in actual fact just an unsuspecting victim.

The flight to Jakarta was arduous. We were stuck with more baggage than we were allowed and was short of a few people who were meant to come. Sally's mom demonstrated all the warmth and personality of a typical loving mother and for that the journey soon relaxed. Upon arrival, we met with the hospitality of Cik Neng's family. It was merry and i liked watching everyone exchange hugs and kisses and schmooze from where they left off the last time. The bus ride was something else. We had a coach bus to ourselves and it was cosy and full of food for us but the ride was close to 7 hours and it was too fast and too bumpy to have much sleep. It was a cool experience though.

Cik Neng's family live in a little shop house, 3rd round the bend from a stretch of shop houses alike. It was a family business, they sold and supplied mostly home-made crackers. In it was 4 tonnes of rice in huge sacks, ready to be repacked and distributed by us. A narrow path next to it led us to the family's new and near empty bungalow, where we stayed for the rest of our trip. Historically, Cirebon flourished under the graceful influence of an indonesian muslim missionary, his shrine rests on the peaceful peak of Gunung Jati, which was pleasantly just across the road from our house.

You see, Cirebon as i have least expected, is a busy suburb. Motorcycles came from everywhere, dirt roads are extensive and many, push carts selling food and toys lined them. But deeper into where we stayed, perched many houses that seemed like only shelters which were severely rusting and falling apart, some had no floors, many had thin, leaking roofs and some had not something i'd consider a door. Hardship is uncommon but the people were strong and unflinching, they continue to live honestly and help each other within the village like they were a team more than mere neighbours. These sights proved to be very damaging for self-reflection.

On Eid Al-adha, Sally's family chose their goats and went ahead with the slaughter which i intentionally avoided. Within minutes, neighbours have gathered to help pack the fresh meat for distribution. Those who came to get a bag of rice, some rupiahs, clothes and meat from us were dominantly frail elder folks, who had walked the whole way there. Many were ill, widows, or lived alone. Their voices praying for us, thanking us, the look of content on their faces were not meant to forget. I'll never forget.

I spent a number of days with the charming boys who played outside the house, i was fooled by their wayward games because they were much sweeter than they appeared. With them, i was a denizen of Cirebon. They had no toys and nothing much, so they climbed and sang and created games from scraps they found. I discovered i'm quite a marksman with the air rifle we toyed with. We loaded metal pellets and shot at cups, containers and such. Didn't know i was a chip off the old block.

One time, i was walking up to the house from the shop, and saw the boys squatting in a tiny circle. One held a piece of cardboard over their heads and i couldn't make out what the rest were doing. I soon found out they were watching a little fire they've created between two bricks and was barbecuing satay with the fresh meat from the slaughter. They of course offered me some and i gladly took a stick, it was good and I was so blown away by them.

I had wished on my journey back to Jakarta, a 5 hour bus ride, that I want cirebon to live with me forever, vivid and reminding. Though i hate to admit it, i was a little homesick by the time we left. But landing safely and being greeted by our world class airport was as disappointing as waving goodbye to Paman. A sigh marks my welcome home to the fast and bitter city life.
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