Wednesday, January 27, 2010

maggie gyllenhaal

I really can relate to some of maggie's features. Her chubby cheeks, droopy almond eyes, weird lips, awkward un-toned body and her oh-so-not-photogenic smile. She's no classic beauty but she's that rare, untypical, no-plastic-surgery hollywood beau and i so love her.

She's strangely cute, really sexy, very genuine, can be a little scruffy and most importantly, so laid back and low key. She's a goddess.

I didn't bring Maggie up just because of this wicked le smoking photo of her which i think is a cross between rockstar superficial and picture perfection. But, here i go again, hair obsessed. Now that my blonde days are over, i really want those curls she's banging! This is getting so unhealthy..

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