Thursday, January 28, 2010

Herb & Dorothy

I've been meaning to watch this cute and endearing story of the famous Vogels. It's finally screening for the first time here in Asia and you can watch it at the Design Film Fest that's near over. I think i've been missing out on these goodies for some time now, let's get back on track.

p.s WHDH, sad you can't make it cos this other one's for you!

By the way, WHDH has a wonderful blog, so give her a visit. Her posts are really fun and informative. She makes me want to go back to art school all the time!

In other news, i'm just about to link everyone following me from here. Tell me if that's okay or i'll just go ahead with it. xx

1 comment:

huda said...

Hey Maria! How was A Design Film Fest! I wish I could watch the entire film, sadly, school is taking up my entire life. Thanks for featuring me on your blog! I've been too busy to browse through blogs. (:

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