Monday, February 1, 2010

the stuff we do outside my house

How was the weekend? Me and the girls got down to finally celebrating our babe's birthday and awww, it was perfect. I mean what could possibly go wrong with good home-cooked dinner, fairy lights, candles and some jazz. Basically, our menu for the night went as simply as follow,

Baked salmon & baby potatoes + mesclun salad + asparagus.


Roast chicken

Pasta pie


Chocolate fondue

I need to specially mention Nini's pasta pie which she painstakingly put together like it was a piece of art and was so RUDELY DELICIOUS that we're all asking her for another round of it. Her roast chicken was also lovely and while she rocked the mains, i did the appetizer and I thought we both did a pretty neat job.

Have a sweet Monday, my loves. Come right back tomorrow!


SHAMEEN said...

babe,the pasta pie looks mouth watering im craving for a lasagna now!!!!

April said...

omg this looks amazing! cannnnn i comeeeee........ preassseeeeeee.

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