Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Have you made your jack o'lantern yet? Who or what are you dressing up as?

By the so very talented Gemma Comas.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

everything will be okay

This piece of work popped before me and made my eyes jolt. Caught me off guard but made me smile for awhile. I pretend this to be a divine message. It told me something no one did these few days. That everything will be okay..

By Jessica Williams via Bees Knees.

I am back at the office. Surprise, surprise. But no, i am not back for work because i've had it but will be sitting in till Friday to help out temporarily. Yea, i am that good. No way.

Again, it's a very difficult time for me and i am not coping well. This time, it's a nightmare. In conjunction with Halloween perhaps? Maybe life's cruelly witty like that.

Yesterday was Shafiq's happy day at the screening. Of all the wonderful films we watched, his received overwhelming response. My guess is how it is controversial since it is almost taboo in our pretentiously conservative society to address such an issue not subtly enough to allow it to appear less confrontational and a little more accepting.

That's the point, we can't accept the realities we'd rather leave unknown. Which in fact, trails back to the film. Somehow.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'll be here,

'Body and soul, I am born Malay'
Date: Tuesday, 28th October 2008 (3rd Night)
Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Sinema Old School
Admission: Free

I will be here today, candies. If you'd like to watch Shafiq's film as i've mentioned in this post, come on down. More on the event and films screening tonight here.

Though i'm not feeling particularly chatty, i hope to see you there. That remains.

Have a pretty Tuesday, dear readers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

the weak and pathetic

In an attempt to seek 'justice' one must at least engage in some small form of activity that suggest 'i am a detective'. Dust some finger prints, tail a person, you know stuff like that. But by assuming too much about a person and a person's life from a peep hole, it doesn't make you Batman.

Dear world, you want the truth but you can't handle the truth. It is safe behind these walls fighting a war of it's own. Your help is not needed. Besides, it will bore you to death. I can do this alone, just as i did all my life. Stay out.

Friday, October 24, 2008

let it rest

Everyone, just to make it official, i am not pursuing the matter and i don't think you should either. I'm over it already. Let's pretend it never happened, clear the air and go on blogging happy thoughts? I hate it when things get ugly so this will stop here. Hate tags are not necessary, please do not prolong the matter for me and let's just swing back into the adventures of growing up. Intervention will only complicate everything.

In that respect, here's how we do it. Drop everything, give time and space for everyone involved to heal, we move on, get all nice and crisp and we're good to go. Everyone is happy, everyone blogs in peace just as it was before. Done.

Okay i'm going back to my breakfast. See you at the flea, beautiful people!

Sam & I

I'd like to introduce you to one of my closest friend. Please meet Samantha. Shenton Ward's only daughter and spoilt brat. She speaks malay fluently with a Bruneian twang and if that's tickling you already, wait till you hear it yourself. It's hard for me to take it in without laughing to tears so there's never a day too dull to meet sweet Sammy. We met in college as dance students so that's 4 years and counting.

Sam and I are two completely different people. The best thing about having Sam as a friend is the fact that we only share a handful of mutual friends. In addition, she has no idea what's considered 'in' or not in our little city. With all that rubbish stripped off her, Sam is probably one of the few people at present who's eligible to have a genuine person-to-person relationship/conversation/connection with me. It's a very nice experience to just sit back and chat about each other as opposed to talking about anyone else and the parallel politics. Well, maybe there was one or two that slipped into it but on the whole, the connection's remarkably real. These days, it's considered a holiday if you manage to escape the gossips that gushes into our lives and take over us, creeping into our communication, wreaking a mental havoc.

We can spend hours talking about life, religion, growing up in Singapore/Brunei, our ancestry, family, food and the list goes on. There are also whimsical recollections of past as well as deep and emotional vomitting. Sam would never judge so i enjoy the luxury of never holding back what i feel is difficult or sensitive to share, it's reciprocal so the same goes for Sam. I love our heart-to-heart sessions and the vibrance of a real friendship that will never lie to you.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

can't function at this moment.

Going cold turkey. I'm busy cheering me on. See you when i get better. Have a clean and healthy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hello everyone! I know it sucks to get busted but i was told by my bestfriend and saw for myself some of my sentences/text being lifted exactly how it was and pasted onto someone else's blog entry (well, uh, will not point fingers). It's really alright with me for as long as you give credits where they belong? Or if you're shy, just quietly and automatically link it back to the author? It's a blogger's code of ethics, so these things go without saying yea? Besides, it's not very nice because it's not yours. I'm sure we don't have to do the drill. Thanks a truck for your time and happy Wednesday!

(news theme song fades out)

kalau ye pon edit la makcik oi~

my simple last week

T'was a brilliant week and i wanted to share it with you! Because i mentioned breakfast here, thought i'd photograph some of my own. As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

And! My successful chicken stew with lots of herbs, especially Oregano (just because it smells really good).

Too much Starbucks and excellent conversations all of last week.

They say the simple things in life are the best. I now realise they weren't kidding.
Enjoy your breakfast!

Monday, October 20, 2008

SUP's launch

I will be here as well, darlings. You're invited too. Between you and me, this will be our little, unofficial 'after-party'. See you there!

More on SUP here.

p.s seemingly a very busy Saturday.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

where i'll be and hope to see you!

Sweethearts, just to announce, me and the girls are going to part of this flea next week. We actually made it in the nick of time. Vendors swarmed at the chance and places were taken in a blink. I'll see to it that i have some stuff we're selling posted here so you get an idea. Please come! If you're not getting anything, that's fine. We can have a chat and take pictures. I'll see you!

Also, The Sally's will be launching their album on the 28 and 29th next month at the Esplanade. Their CDs will be on sale and i'll be manning the booth on both days. I may be wrong but there'll be some merchandises too. If nothing gets in the way, i hope to see you there! Come and say hello if you're among the crowd, i'd be thrilled.

Anyway, their 1" buttons are already out in 4 different designs, get them here. If that's not working, reach me at:, i'd be glad to help.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

master at work

Bob Dylan in god mode.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Simply Breakfast

I didn't have much sleep yet i'm wide awake now. That's alright for today because i am dreaming of breakfast this morning. I haven't had breakfast for awhile now, just because i go to bed when it's served. It's not even funny anymore. What do you intend to have, guys? I thought of McDonald's hotcakes and sausage meal or a home-made plateful of american or perhaps, whatever i can get my hands on and dirty in the fridge. To think of it, breakfast has always been my favourite meal. Not that i have solid reasoning for that but I've a strange feeling it's probably how they're always so pretty (if you want them to be). I chanced upon this wonderful blog: Simply Breakfast (pictures are from here), some months ago and i've been in love since. Who knew? It's an art from another perspective. Don't refrain from drooling.

Fresh berries in cereal, freshly brewed coffee, cheese omelette, pancakes and a generous spread of magarine, sunny side up and toasts, cheese-dogs.........

I asked Salina over to have breakfast with me this morning but since we never got down to the details, i should let her have her sleep. Besides, we're both going to be working on a birthday girl who wants to get her hair and make-up done this afternoon. More on that next time.

p.s Blogs like this inspires me to rise early and live healthier, everyday. I just need to try much harder. You know, it's a long and often challenging process to continuously better yourself but you should never give up for the sake of you.

I hope you fixed yourself a good breakfast, beautiful people. And good morning!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

projects to resume!

It's amusing how i tend to say one thing and do otherwise. I said i'll put up pics the next day and came back days later only to say i won't be blogging for awhile and the pics are still not uploaded. Today i'm back, when i said i'd be on a short 'blog break'. I hope i don't always contradict myself like this! How awful..

Quick update!
I'm back on my projects, thank god. What's even better is that i'm smelling some chance of getting hooked-up on a small writing gig and a huge one afterwards. I'll let you know if i nailed it and got published. Cross those fingers.

More stuff heading this way and i can hardly wait. Hope to update you with some good news.

Enjoy your Tuesday, readers..

p.s i don't have a split personality, i've just been reading anger management.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wishing You Eid Mubarak, Ironically

I'm sorry you guys. I'm going on a mini vacation to nowhere. Be back before you know it.

Idea fishes are swimming and rapidly mating in this little tank i call a head and that's superb news. Since such gang-bangs don't occur on the regular, i'm all set to work it. The time is just right.

For Salina's sake, i'll update just a little. On Eid. This year, i learnt (the hard way) that harbouring hopes for a better and happier Eid is a complete waste of time. I find the idea of wishing for such unlikely ideals, moronic. So i resent Eid. I'll let you know if i do miraculously change my mind. Promise.

I'd rather fast all year than celebrate a day of Eid. Am i alone?

Figured it's best to fuck it and fuck them. If i had a dick, those bastards would come lined up on their knees to suck it dry. And that's for hurting my folks, you swines. How can you compare us to any of you? You breed offsprings who find nothing interesting about the future except to get engaged, married, married and married. Oh and their family gossips about those classified as odd. What is tradition, what is family, and just what in the jungle of pubic hair is considered 'polished' by your standards? God damn it, like i give a flying fuck anyway. I left the salon with another coat of blonde and all that weight i've put on and i do what i do best: make them all feel like losers, by doing nothing. So they pile on the attacks in the hopes of your eventual transformation to become one of them. But too bad, while they're busy comparing their fussily planned weddings for whoever, i formulate my little plan to do shit they wouldn't dream of. So my suggestion is that they park their cars and the debts that come with, drop dead and get buried with all that dikir barat moves, soon. You have no respect, no sense of togetherness, no cultural ethics, nothing. So what was it again that you take pride in? Hmmm. Maybe all that gold you wear on your wrist. Why embrace a tradition when the people who claim to uphold it, are all jackasses from the word go?

You don't.
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