Monday, October 6, 2008

Wishing You Eid Mubarak, Ironically

I'm sorry you guys. I'm going on a mini vacation to nowhere. Be back before you know it.

Idea fishes are swimming and rapidly mating in this little tank i call a head and that's superb news. Since such gang-bangs don't occur on the regular, i'm all set to work it. The time is just right.

For Salina's sake, i'll update just a little. On Eid. This year, i learnt (the hard way) that harbouring hopes for a better and happier Eid is a complete waste of time. I find the idea of wishing for such unlikely ideals, moronic. So i resent Eid. I'll let you know if i do miraculously change my mind. Promise.

I'd rather fast all year than celebrate a day of Eid. Am i alone?

Figured it's best to fuck it and fuck them. If i had a dick, those bastards would come lined up on their knees to suck it dry. And that's for hurting my folks, you swines. How can you compare us to any of you? You breed offsprings who find nothing interesting about the future except to get engaged, married, married and married. Oh and their family gossips about those classified as odd. What is tradition, what is family, and just what in the jungle of pubic hair is considered 'polished' by your standards? God damn it, like i give a flying fuck anyway. I left the salon with another coat of blonde and all that weight i've put on and i do what i do best: make them all feel like losers, by doing nothing. So they pile on the attacks in the hopes of your eventual transformation to become one of them. But too bad, while they're busy comparing their fussily planned weddings for whoever, i formulate my little plan to do shit they wouldn't dream of. So my suggestion is that they park their cars and the debts that come with, drop dead and get buried with all that dikir barat moves, soon. You have no respect, no sense of togetherness, no cultural ethics, nothing. So what was it again that you take pride in? Hmmm. Maybe all that gold you wear on your wrist. Why embrace a tradition when the people who claim to uphold it, are all jackasses from the word go?

You don't.


Sawah said...

I'd rather fast a whole year than having to eat another lontong ever again, Maria. Are you alone? Far from it.

Maria A. L. said...

hahahah! longtong's a good one, selet. i totally forgot you go through some of the same shit. FED UP ziol.

rosesdoses said...

i'd rather fast a whole year than having to eat and grow fatter again.
damn. coming from me it looks like a joke. HAHAHA.

Maria A. L. said...

TSK. kau memang ar. "i can ride my bike with no handle bars, no handle bars, no handle bars~"

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