Saturday, April 18, 2009

for when i settle in

Probably the best bedroom to sleep in and have breakfast in bed. And that parked commuter bike is so genius. I've always, always had a thing for simple, white, VERY puffy linen sheets. This lazy self will stay in bed all day, i can be quite a bear.

If i raise enough money sometime soon, i might just go on a hunt for them. Part of a few installations i'm thinking of for my new room when i start living on campus. I'm off to dream a little more.
(via my favourite blogger, JO)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

won't be gone for too long..

Thank you for the well wishes and sweet words, friends! It's really coming together and looking back, it was all hardwork right from the beginning, starting with trying to convince myself and my folks that this can work out.

I researched, attended international university fairs, got in touch with school representatives, did my sums.. A handful, really. Maybe even more. I enjoy watching it all fall into place now and have been daydreaming way too much for my own good too.

It's saddening that i can't find time to blog much. I bet you know how happy i am when i am here, blogging. I want to check in as often as i used to. Share my breakfasts and interesting finds, post randomly, upload pictures..

But all that won't happen till next month when work subsides. For now, all my time is consumed by work and the rest i need for it. I'll keep things moving here as much as i can but apologize if you hit to find nothing in weeks.

I'll be back (as in officially back and blogging) next month. Till then, enjoy all of April!
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