Saturday, April 18, 2009

for when i settle in

Probably the best bedroom to sleep in and have breakfast in bed. And that parked commuter bike is so genius. I've always, always had a thing for simple, white, VERY puffy linen sheets. This lazy self will stay in bed all day, i can be quite a bear.

If i raise enough money sometime soon, i might just go on a hunt for them. Part of a few installations i'm thinking of for my new room when i start living on campus. I'm off to dream a little more.
(via my favourite blogger, JO)


J.Greenwood said...

if i lay down on that bed, i'd probably be in a coma straightaway for abt 3 days.

Me said...

this is so minimal...yet so chic and beautiful.

Maria A. L. said...

J, yea me too. I don't know if i'll ever leave my room.

Shameen, i know right! So loving the simplicity and calm hues. xx

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