Thursday, May 7, 2009

just to let you know..

I am back and sticking around this time! To celebrate, posting what rocks my world and makes me happy, my breakfast.
This was to be put up weeks ago but here it is now: Raisin scone, strawberry jam, EBT.

And for a startling update, Jennifer from Simply Breakfast is still posting! Take a minute and have a peek at the new shots from Paris (if you love food and more so breakfast, just the way i do).

Enjoying the luxury of sleep at the moment, 3 months worth. Readjusting back into my old life is as overwhelming as it is with the former work schedule. For a start, oh god, all the errands to run. Most of which i must say are so very urgent because i never found the time to attend to them during those hectic months.

Probably a third of the people i love, miss, wants to see and catch up with have already made dates with me and it's scattered all over the month. I also owe birthday dates with the April babies and now just about to get round planning for mine.. and Yas. And i don't have to remind you about my working on that uni admission, almost a wrap but not quite yet.

May is a handful. Could've been easier if i was willing to compromise my hours of sleep so i'm prepared to work around it. Not complaining.

Ahh.. Gleefully blogging.

Good morning, blog pals. You've been missed.


your hero said...

you've been missed too!

Maria A. L. said...

just chuckled. i hope! :)

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