Friday, May 8, 2009


Just how fierce is this chic? (polkdots-vodkashots)

Oh, i've just gotten a new shade of blonde. I was excited but it's taking a strange turn now that i'm no longer feeling it. Not to say that I won't change my mind but i might just go with something else before i board that flight. Hmm, I didn't think i've changed so much? I thought wrong then.

It took only a blink and Yas comes around riding his little vintage motorbike. T'was love at first sight, for the both of us. But surely, it's going to need some degree of dexterity to put this bad boy together and give it a life, a fire of some sort.

And randomly, this is a good read.


Molly Hayes. said...

Hiya doll!

Congrats on the whole university admission thing. I know its kinda late. Sorry:) Kinda jealous of you(hehe). You don't have to stay here on this grey island- but anyways. Hope your okay.

Maria A. L. said...

Hello little Molly :) It's so nice to hear from you! Thanks so much and no you're not late at all everything's only just getting started. I'm doing great and i hope you are too. Thank you so much for your well wished, my love.

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