Friday, October 10, 2008

Simply Breakfast

I didn't have much sleep yet i'm wide awake now. That's alright for today because i am dreaming of breakfast this morning. I haven't had breakfast for awhile now, just because i go to bed when it's served. It's not even funny anymore. What do you intend to have, guys? I thought of McDonald's hotcakes and sausage meal or a home-made plateful of american or perhaps, whatever i can get my hands on and dirty in the fridge. To think of it, breakfast has always been my favourite meal. Not that i have solid reasoning for that but I've a strange feeling it's probably how they're always so pretty (if you want them to be). I chanced upon this wonderful blog: Simply Breakfast (pictures are from here), some months ago and i've been in love since. Who knew? It's an art from another perspective. Don't refrain from drooling.

Fresh berries in cereal, freshly brewed coffee, cheese omelette, pancakes and a generous spread of magarine, sunny side up and toasts, cheese-dogs.........

I asked Salina over to have breakfast with me this morning but since we never got down to the details, i should let her have her sleep. Besides, we're both going to be working on a birthday girl who wants to get her hair and make-up done this afternoon. More on that next time.

p.s Blogs like this inspires me to rise early and live healthier, everyday. I just need to try much harder. You know, it's a long and often challenging process to continuously better yourself but you should never give up for the sake of you.

I hope you fixed yourself a good breakfast, beautiful people. And good morning!

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