Wednesday, October 29, 2008

everything will be okay

This piece of work popped before me and made my eyes jolt. Caught me off guard but made me smile for awhile. I pretend this to be a divine message. It told me something no one did these few days. That everything will be okay..

By Jessica Williams via Bees Knees.

I am back at the office. Surprise, surprise. But no, i am not back for work because i've had it but will be sitting in till Friday to help out temporarily. Yea, i am that good. No way.

Again, it's a very difficult time for me and i am not coping well. This time, it's a nightmare. In conjunction with Halloween perhaps? Maybe life's cruelly witty like that.

Yesterday was Shafiq's happy day at the screening. Of all the wonderful films we watched, his received overwhelming response. My guess is how it is controversial since it is almost taboo in our pretentiously conservative society to address such an issue not subtly enough to allow it to appear less confrontational and a little more accepting.

That's the point, we can't accept the realities we'd rather leave unknown. Which in fact, trails back to the film. Somehow.



Molly Hayes. said...

We seem to have issues on the whole 'being okay' concept, huh:) Glad to know you're recovering. Only God knows how much I'm trying...

Maria A. L. said...

we do, don't we.. ;)

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