Monday, January 18, 2010

Bali 2010

Bali is still magically gorgeous, friendly and warm, rich in its culture, safe and oh so exhilarating. Though in some areas, a pinch more expensive and a little more developed. Bali is getting richer and we know she deserves it.
This time round, our friend Zie, took us into her amazing home somewhere a little further away from where the great Tanah Lot Temple stood. I consider myself way too lucky to be given a chance to experience the real Bali.
We woke up to sun-kissed paddy fields that stretched into the horizon, locals living a different kind of life away from mass tourism and commercial grounds, we watched villagers rise early to work on plantations, we ate local push cart food..
And for the highlight of it all, we rode on Zie's horses through lengths of paddy fields into a secluded beach where there was not a single tourist! Black volcanic sand, clear water, clean beach and hardly anyone there except for a few young couples and some kids pocket biking on dirt bike tracks sponsored by Electric. I was so honoured to be there! Thanks zie!

Balinese food is too good to miss, i learnt that this time! So if you're planning on vacationing there, be adventurous and don't ignore roadside stalls. They serve the best local delights, three times cheaper than the many restaurants and cafes. Just make sure they cook it fresh for you, if you're afraid you might get sick. The downside is that i've gained so much weight from this trip and i'm paying for it now. So no yummy food posts in the weeks to come! But here's some photos for your viewing pleasure. Come back tomorrow!

(kick-ass photos stolen from Nini, my talented babe)


nini said...

Cute.. can't wait to see you later ;)

Maria A. L. said...

these pictures are glorious nini.

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