Monday, January 25, 2010

a little late today..

Sorry. If you're wondering where i've been, i'm just right here in front of the screen, finger clicking and eyes darting all over the web. January's almost over and though i'm so pleased with how this year started, i'm still trying to pump it up further as we go along the months. With respect to my blog, i'm already on the mill getting a few new things started and running so i am actually suggesting you stick around and watch them unfold.

For a quick update..

I'm working on trying to get my camera fixed or replaced because blogging isn't the same without it.

My brother's churning out a rad blog so stay tuned.

Cease to cook temporarily until i own a functioning camera and a mentally stimulated mind.

No projects for now but i'm looking for a book club to be a part of. If you know any, please comment and share. You'll be rewarded with good karma, i'm certain.

Sharing with you some favourite old visuals in the next few days, ie sexy smoking images and some sick homes. So be ready and let's meet back here tomorrow.

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