Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a fairytale treehouse honeymoon

When my girls and i get together, we sometimes chat about our girly dreams and as you may have already expect, we've talked about our dream honeymoon a million times over. Whatever they may be, i'm pretty sure you haven't heard of a treehouse honeymoon? One that's tucked in what looks like a magical forest?

This is Treehouse Point in Washington, isn't it so beautiful? Think about all that you can possibly do together! Stargazing, exploring the woods, enjoying the therapeutic sounds of nocturnal wildlife at night.. A lengthy list of adventures. What a place!

I'm giving myself a little more time to stare at these pictures and dream before running off to prepare for a looooong day tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

(via a cup of jo)


cantstopmunching said...

Maria... Are u sûre?..u'll be scared.. Heheha

jhnybstd said...


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