Wednesday, January 28, 2009

city of love/god

You guys, how was the lunar new year? I got the rest much needed and had a teeny weeny party over at Angus' crazy rocking apartment in the heart of town. So pretty i almost moved in. I have pictures to share. Also, watched City of God, which is a brilliant film based on a true story.

Thanks so much for your well wishes about my taking a break. I have the sweetest readers.

By the way, what's going on this Valentine's Day? Me and Yas hasn't spoken about it at all. On the second thought, I think we did, very briefly though. Which only means one thing, neither of us have got a clever idea up our sleeves and is too afraid to say so or, one or both of us has an idea and is getting sneaky about it. I'm getting butterflies already.

Again, Valentine's Day isn't just for us with a partner. I am spending the lovely 14th with my girlfriends and will toast to our many, many, many years of friendship. I have an amazing friendship with 4 of my girls.

Eeek! I'm all mush right now. Better be going and in the meantime, have a peek at the explosive works of Irene Suchoki. This series, 'Paris: City of Love', is my favourite. Came across and marveled while surfing for my V'day surprise. Enjoy!

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