Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will you be my valentine forever?

Previously on V'day..
The cutest brownie/sweets bags ever! It would've packed those cookies you made for your sweetheart most perfectly. I'd take on this gift idea any day by just changing the template. (via Armelle)

In case you're not much of a baker.. try this,

(via madebygirl)

To those of us who are in love or still brooding about being single, this is the best gift for us, serving as a reminder for we often forget to love ourselves before we do someone else. I am learning how to love me and you should too. Just the way you are, of course. (via ali loves curtis)

Me, I had dinner with my bestfriends to celebrate 7 or more years of friendship and went dancing the night away to DJ Solarstone (to be worshipped!) with the rest of my loves. It was fabulous, all of it!

And to the person who amazes me with his love daily,

Will you be my valentine (and camp-out buddy) forever?

(le love)

1 comment:

your hero said...

forever and ever i will.

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