Wednesday, February 11, 2009

just what i need, the beautiful rain

It's finally raining and oh i miss the rain. Just looking out the window and smelling the rain is therapy on a whole new level already. I am so tempted to get Yas out of bed for a stroll in the rain with me.

My dears, we all have good weeks and bad ones. The last couple of weeks has made me much less of a warrior and honestly, i am tired and not feeling much like myself. For the many of us who were never born a positive person, cultivating it isn't the simplest thing to accomplish. Very much like fighting a war within yourself. I am so determined to keep charging forth and get through this tough time. Go over the hedge and emerge victorious.

Till then.

Have a glorious week, my loves.


Nurul aka Narayumi said...

meow.. i've been down too this week. such a low morale week for me.. tiring and things seemed to be monotonous. Take care dear.

Maria A. L. said...

I know what you mean.. :( I hope you'redoing okay. Find stuff to do to keep you happy and upbeat! Take care of yourself, cousin. You can call me whenever you feel like too. :)

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