Wednesday, November 12, 2008

still grieving, pretty busy, taking a break

Just so you know, the 'horror movie marathon' I mentioned as a post-halloween celebration at my place was a big fat lie. Steadily, I was planning my brother's (here it comes, the mouthful) post-halloween birthday party, in secret. My not-so-little brother just turned 18 and I took it in my stride to throw him one of my budget friendly, DIY parties. I was so nasty to myself because I feel so unhealthily responsible for throwing what must be considered a superb one. My brother is my only sibling, you see. So I only have myself to blame if he's really spoilt. Oh wait, he already is. Guilty!

I'm ecstatic to share details of the party with you folks but i'm still absorbing the impact of my friend's death so i'm going to take a few days off by keeping my posts spotty as a form of respect. Which could also work as an excuse to take my time with the hundreds of photos I've collated of the party (this has been keeping me real busy). I also have a strange story to share from a few days ago, I'll be back to tell it to you.

Meanwhile, have a sweet Wednesday everyone.


rosesdoses said...

whuat the eff! i look like a giant!

Maria A. L. said...

what the eff? shut up. nonsense!

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