Thursday, November 13, 2008

dear ballet, i miss you..

In Rachel Papo's Desperately Perfect series, she documents young Katya's story at the St. Petersburg Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia. Ballet is the most fascinating Art form in my opinion and Vaganova the most beautiful of all the different Ballet techniques/methods/school of thoughts. But probably also, more gruelling.

These young dancers fascinate me and at the same time, make me feel sorry for them. Perfection is the spell that magically captivates audiences into the surreal world of Dance. And perfection, is every dancer's goal. By any means necessary.

I'm all nostalgic looking at these excellent pictures and I can hear my teacher screaming at me in her Russian accent already!

"Maria you're fat and jelly! Don't sickle your feet! Point harder! Suck in your stomach! Lengthen, lengthen! Don't arch your back! Stop being lazy! Your legs are weak! Jump higher! Strengthen your ankles!"

Makes me want to laugh and cry thinking about it.

Oh well, enjoy the excellent weather readers..


rosesdoses said...

3 words. "hot white chic."

Maria A. L. said...


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