Thursday, November 20, 2008

and the party..

So there was laughing, dancing, costumes, food, cameras flashing, fooling around, mocktails, flairing and all kinds of fun. It was kick-ass with these kids. And my brother thought he had the best birthday ever. Mission accomplished! Here's a peek at the party..

Our little mocktail bar, bartender, birthday boy and friends.

A party is not a party if something dirty doesn't happen.

Saddam Hussein, 'Hitler', Bond and urm.. his girl?

I guess the creative process of this party and the cooperation of my brother's good friends were the best bit of it all. Sure was a challenge considering i had less than a week to put everything together and all within a suffocating budget too. Thank you again and again and again for making it the best one for that brat brother of mine. I'm glad everyone enjoyed dinner and themselves.

See you on the morrow!


jhnybstd said...

i'm a freedom fighter. not a terrorist. you watch too much CNN HAHA

Maria A. L. said...

oh YUCK, whatever... we don't have CNN.

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