Friday, November 21, 2008

picture post: post-halloween birthday party!

I'm sorry i'm a little behind with these pictures from my brother's 18th birthday the other day but here they are now. Very briefly, the surprise and some of us in costumes.. Pretty hilarious.

On that day, my brother didn't shower since he woke and left to skate. In this picture, he came home surrounded by all of us shouting "surprise!". So gross..

And here he is showered and in his 'terrorist' outfit.

Me as the corpse bride, kinda. I'm not handy with make up so i found this idea here. And that's my mom's dress, t'was a gift when she turned 21.

Muay thai boxer, possibly the most comfortable outfit.

Highlight of the day, naughty school girl (with my bra on!).

More like Mars Volta turn nazi, Nigel.

Definitely best dressed! Those 'grills' were made out of aluminium foil.

Adam was supposed to be Tarzan until we decided he was better off as a caveman.

This was the Freddy versus Jason stunt.

We thought Mabel looked so much like Emily the Strange. Her intention was to be Bloody Mary and Salina was a ventriloquist doll.

Mr. James Bond and our very own Jabbawockeez.

I was so impressed! These kids made tremendous effort coming all dressed up and that contributed greatly to the success of the party. They were so much fun to work and party with. Overwhelming and I'm forever grateful.

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