Wednesday, November 26, 2008

updates and another flea

My dears, i'm doing this flea on Sunday and i hope you'll come. We're putting out little treasures ranging from used books to tie & dye tshirts for sale. The gorgeous Mary, just as the explosion of colours on her tie & dye fabrics, is as creative as she is unique and will be there to take orders if you'd like a personalised tie & dye tee. More on that here.

Further, i won't be doing CD sales for The Sally's this weekend but i urge you to head on down and get it in the name of support. Or else, come enjoy the music anyway. I'm going to be there gumming up a 'little-big-project' that i am very nervous, overjoyed and grateful for. Maybe i'll share it with you if it all falls into place. IF.

Tomorrow on, i am going to be so occupied by mountains of important work. It's frightening to look a few hours ahead of now and picture myself running around mad for time. Oh it's looming over me already.

Taking on a random interview for an overambitious job that's keeping me in doubt. I'm lulled into thinking how pretty it'd be on my miserable resume and was almost about to plunge in at full tilt until i realised, i have just a tad more than half a year before i'm taking off. My options are as such..

I can:
(a) spare myself the ordeal of a challenging job, get on with a simple one and when the time comes, fly off.
(b) attempt something close to a suicide by going forward with it, learn as much as i can from the not so many months at it and depart.

What are your thoughts about this dilemma?


cantstopmunching said...


Molly Hayes. said...

Oooooh... I love flea markets. You'll definitely see me there:) *wink-wink* Thanks for the info!



Nurul aka Narayumi said...

get a simple one will do..

Maria A. L. said...

Salina: Already did! Thanks la babe!

Molly: Yay! Say hello okay! It's good to know you're coming. Just tell me if it's you! :)

Kikin: Just came back from the interview and yes, i'm gonna do something simple because wow, the pay's too good to be true but i want a life before i leave. So yes, i'm going to do something simple. Thanks kikin!

Molly Hayes. said...

I might not tell you that its me... Trust me, you'll get the shock of your life.

Maria A. L. said...

Oh hey why not.. Shock? I doubt it. I've been on too many blind dates. No, just kidding. But i don't think there's anything to be shocked about you. However you are or look like. SERIOUSLY! But well since it's over maybe next time..

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