Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hooray for a (hopefully) new America!

(poster by Casey Brooks)

I do not know enough about Barrack Obama to parade a full out front about how much I believe he is capable. That is as good as riding the trend bus, isn't it? Now, what I did was wake up to the 6.30 morning news that airs till half past 9 just to catch the last U.S election debate on domestic policy between John Mccain and the now hope for a new America, President Obama. In all honesty, it was close to watching a police chase.

Having said that, I will stand among Obama's most useless voters: the non-americans. Only because he is confidently focused on his priorities running the country and ruling out all policies linked to the Bush administration. And of course, that his priority is the American people. I am steered to his camp because he insists that what America needs is not the same old policies that keeps failing, what it needs is an entirely new direction which is a promise Mccain has made as well, for the record.

Scoping into one, Obama's set his sights to cut taxes on 95% of Americans and raise a small percentage of it for the rest of them who earn more than USD 250,000 a year. Chucking the statistics aside, it is as simple as, if you're earning well you'll need to contribute a little more to help working class families get a leg up and pull through the recession. Mccain on the other hand, is not going to raise anybody's taxes but in turn, will give oil and gas companies tax breaks because he feels that it is necessary to encourage businesses which will (supposedly) create more jobs for the people. He's very concerned with keeping businesses.

Oh and get this, John is awfully bitter about Obama's move to increase taxes on high income Americans and refers to it as 'spreading the wealth around'. Now what does that say about John? John is a typical American politician.

There is so much that Obama will offer as a president and I am so moved by his dedication to working-class families and young Americans. His commitment to provide good and affordable education, preventive health care, health care coverage, to action on energy conservation, to advocate fair trade and so much more. I am also very moved to know that he perceives American youths to be the driving force of the country's economy through the 21st century, thus, the necessity to invest and nurture them is one of his top priorities. Not forgetting advocating family values and other moral equivalents.

So I'm sorry, John. You were very petty on the issue of negative campaigning especially when it touched on the admirable John Lewis and his allegations. You were also shoving 'the American dream' down our throats, over and over again. To add to that, you stammer far too much, have no control over your emotions and as a result, struggle to put your thoughts into a string of coherent words. Your attacks were this clumsy..

"Senator government.." (Senator Obama)
"Bresh of freth air.." (Breath of fresh air)

But this one is a classic,

"Senator Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago".



Narayumi Higashikuni said...

ive always love to read ur writings meow. nice mcm bole di mkn.

Maria A. L. said...

hahahaha! kalau makan confirm rasa mcm durian basi, sprinkled with biji-biji bijan.

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