Saturday, September 13, 2008

longing for 'spring'

I am ready for some quiet time. Inspiration has exhausted and the present season is not spring- for ideas.

As if a dance,
we create shapes, celebrated through space
and time.

But. And.

Sublime stupidity, wishing only to be square.
Eventually, a standstill.

We hate the awkward motion..
The clumsiness of two funny shaped sprockets..

And there. The standstill.

Exiled from shelter,
I put up with this.

Showering unto me like hail.

But. And.

Like a wounded dog, i crawl home.


Clocking 9.00am, i leave for bed. Be back later.


rosesdoses said...

maria.. :( i dont understand. lol

Maria A. L. said...

hahahahahahahahaha! salina, mintak stead one time ah.

faezah said...

YAY! MARIA, WHO NEEDS TAGBOARD. WE DONT NEED YOUR COMMENTS! HEHEH. salina needs to be "pale pale" by SYED BABA. (who's half singh half arab CONVERTED.)

Maria A. L. said...

precisely. from now on, we do comments. no matter the degree nonsense. and as above, salina memang mintak kene 'palle palle' dengan syed baba aka..?(unmentionable here)

rosesdoses said...


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