Tuesday, December 2, 2008

another rush-for-time post

I'm running through some hundred or more pictures from the flea which i'll post soon. There's some chance they'll end up on my 'photo blog' that's under construction (i'm contemplating on a flickr account at the same time). Times like this, i wish i needn't have to be at work because i want so badly to share it!

Sorry for the snappy entries, i could've been a better blogger if only work didn't feel so much like a race course. But anyway, everything ends by Friday and we'll be running business as usual when i come back from that little vacation over the weekend. So if posts are slow this week, bear with me till Tuesday.

p.s I forgot to mention yesterday that it was World Aids Day and it sucked that i left it to go by without getting involved. Oh well..


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