Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my happy television moment

I despise television for reasons i'll share another time. Very much so that its more catchy to say, loathe passionately. I assume you already know that. Not in entirety, of course. I'm a mad cow about Discovery's Travel & Living and watch incessantly when i am home alone.

It's been well over a month since i watched any TV. I rose especially early today just so to get even with two unproductive days of sleeping till the late hours of noon, feeling slothful and bovine. Just to digress a little more, its beginning to look more positive now that i've learnt to be guilty about being a bum AND to paint the picture alive, i've been running and eating healthier. I give me 1 gold star.

So back to where i was, i had a happy TV moment this morning because i..
  • happened to be in time for Martha.
  • discovered the existence of Australian celebrity chef, Bill Granger (please don't mock me) and fell in love with his show and cooking. Bless you, bill.
  • am now inspired by Bill and have two recipes that i'm eager to try.
  • found out that Dr Seuss' Cat in the Hat is showing at 6.30 this evening. Yay!
  • put on a festive grin because Christmas and the new year took over the channels.

I should give TV a second chance.

p.s i just realised the growing list of readers. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing and have no idea how you make an amateur blogger feel. It's very encouraging, my pioneer readers.. Someday, we can have an all bloggers dinner at my place. That'll be so neat. xx


Molly Hayes. said...

Is there some kind of computer glitch that I'm not featured as one of your kick-ass readers? I'm practically your very first follower. Where's the love, doll?


Molly Hayes.

Maria A. L. said...

ahh, good point. i was beginning you pulled out or was looking to have a little more privacy. guess not. not to worry, you still kick-ass anyway. ;) now, let's get feature thing fixed. (does this sound to PR? because i mean it)

check on your side okay? x

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