Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my cousin weds..

and i'm planning her hen night! Thanks to my hectic schedule, i couldn't work on this sooner. The party is in four days and i'm rushing through every detail. The fact that i don't have a fantastic budget just gave me a panic attack this morning for i refuse to compromise my idea and is so determined to go all the way with it. Or at least three quarters of the way?

So stoked!

Apart from clubs and strippers, have you any ideas to share what would be great for a clean, girly and enjoyable hen do?


Sally Cinnamon said...

my friend had 2 good clean hen parties planned.

1. themed picnic at botanics.

2. themed setup in a cheap hotel room.

the fun of it depends on the games and company, bb.

Maria A. L. said...

I agree. it sure is mostly the company but these ideas are really cool too. Thaaanks! <3

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