Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the big wish this xmas

Speaking of shoes and my minuscule feet, i ache soooooo badly for this vintage pair of Salvatore Ferragamo combat boots! No one knows how i feel about these boots. And i mean no one. This is true love.
BUT! Like any handsome bloke, there's a catch. It's a size bigger than my feet! Please help me! Can i really stuff fluff in there and learn to walk in it afterward? (Note: This is an actual question. I know i'm such a loser but you'll help me anyway right?)

If i nail this bad boy and you see me someday with them on, please be nice. Pretend you don't know what's going on down there and say hi!

p.s a very giggly post. Yes, the hyena sort.


Nurul Ashikin aka Kikin/Ikin said...

haha! indeed a funny one. made my tuesday morning fun for awhile before all the "hell" sigh.
hey if its a size bigger, usually Arin add an insole. either 1 or 2. but it's comfortable, if it still looks big, then don't risk it.

Maria A. L. said...

yea a gd friend of mine said i should put insoles and wear socks. she used to buy her boots a size bigger and do that, said its fine. but there's another problem, i've just realised its 2 size bigger!!!

Nurul Ashikin aka Kikin/Ikin said...


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