Monday, January 4, 2010

movies and a vacation

I've just watched this! It's charming and very moving. Adam has Asperger's syndrome and from the trailer you can actually tell that he's brilliant but as with every person suffering from asperger's, he is very socially awkward. In this movie he falls in love with his neighbour, a beautiful writer of childrens' stories, who teaches him how to blend into society and live like a normal person. I won't go any further, you have to watch it and see how that worked out.

I say it makes a sweet movie for a date. My boyfriend has made me promise that we'll stay in one of these days and watch Adam while eating caesar salad (which is his flavour of the moment), and i gladly did so.

Also, i managed to watch The Fourth Kind at 4am new year's day with my two favourite boys. Very disturbing, intense, and interesting. If you love sci-fi or have a strange fascination with alien life form then this one's for you. I loved it!

In other news, i'm vacationing this Thursday! Yay! I'm paying Bali another visit and will be there for a week. I've been such an atrocious blogger, i've not even updated about Cirebon and now i'm already leaving for elsewhere.

So tomorrow's short term goal is- upload pictures and blog about Cirebon. Got it.

2010- purposeful

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