Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a baby ballerina's dream

My cousin Mimi recently threw the prettiest pink birthday party for her 5 year old daughter. Just to give you a brief background of the themes she's chosen over the years, my cousin has tastefully shy away from 'cartoon' themed parties, to create parties with its own personal 'character'. In this case, birthday girl Sarah, is one who looooooves dancing & believe she's born to dance (at age 5 she's made this discovery!). Looking at her, that seems earnestly genuine but i would usually never encourage ballet for its unnatural grooming of the body, competitive nature &..... okay, let's not go there.

Anyway, this spread is too pretty to not throw in a mention. What makes it more wonderful is that my cousin, as we all would know her by now, perfects it DIY with economical materials from thrift stores! Swoons!
If you are a dessert table junkie, check out the renown Amy Atlas!

Also, we have an Amy Atlas equivalent here in sunny Singapore too, The Wedding Chateau.

Happy midweek everybody!

1 comment:

Elfe said...

Those cute little jars and cake pops!

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