Monday, September 19, 2011

being here at this moment


I know i've been away for far too long. During which, I have met lovely people i've never met in my life who told me they read & love my blog. I am awfully touched & i don't think i've ever felt anything like it when i meet people like you. Strangers who have connected with me anonymously, maybe even spiritually, but surfaced for a little, special friendship. I think it's magical that we love what we love & have found each other. Nothing flatters me more than when you enjoy my blog but i shouldn't just say it. So that's why i'm here.. yet again. I appreciate your encouragement, my friends. For you, i am forever thankful.

Where do we begin to catch up?

How about that little picture above to say how i'm feeling at the moment? Typical of me much?

Good to be home, i'll see you again tomorrow!

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