Wednesday, September 24, 2008

happenings of last week

As promised.
Late-nights across the border- A typical supper: Johor Malaysia.

Date night, buka- Indonesian Food Marathon: The Rice Table.

Sally's Birthday- Friends and Barbeque: Not too far away. (image by Nini)

(image by nini)

Birthday girl with 'fan' and friends. (image by nini)

Mommy's birthday- A good dinner, a tiny surprise: Home

Presents- For the bookworm, cat-lover and most beautiful woman in the world: Borders.

P.S mom does not approve of her pictures in this entry being posted because she's without a headscarf but agreed eventually because she thinks, she looks cute. What's a daughter to do? That's mommy for you.

Looks like a warm Wednesday. Have a lovely one, readers.


rosesdoses said...


Maria A. L. said...

salina, you sound like a random bloghopper ala ala stranger.

check-check next comment "hai how are you? i am fine how you du!"

mak ooooiii, hahahahahaha!

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