Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a rough time

Good morning,

Maria has been feeling lousy and hope that explains the slow coming of entries. Lots of unexpected motion and soul searching, of late. Not forgetting, planning two birthdays in a week and some reunions. Until some matters get fixed, plenty of my projects are on hold. More on that when it comes.

How's your Ramadhan, darlings? This year's been fruitful on this side of the screen. Praying's picked up by 30%. Is that even worth mentioning? I suppose, if it's any consolation at all, we're at least seeing some figures this time round hey?

I'm trying to get some pictures out in the next post or so, just because i've been a mute these days. I could use some cheering up, so ask me out to the gym!

Anyway, who's with me on an anarchic society?


adrenalene.xs said...


But what would we do with all that freedom? I know. Shopping!

Then again, that sorta defeats the purpose of anarchy.

Damn these vicious cycles!

Maria A. L. said...

Hahahahaa! Shopping?? Lene! Consumerism!

I would start a little jual jual kuih business at my void deck and play sudoku while waiting for customers. But i don't know how to make kuih and I haven't thought of the rest of it but i know, i'll be a cow. Confirm!

adrenalene.xs said...

I would move to some cool ass country with mountains and four seasons.

Then, I shall roll down hills and play board games all day.

While we're for anarchy, can we destroy economy and abolish monetary so we can truly lepak?

Can? Can? Can?

Maria A. L. said...

i guess that's the tricky bit about anarchy. i'm still wondering if it's TRULY workable with an intact economy? abolishing it would be 'the life' laaaa.

and rolling down hills, is cute okay. SERIOUSLY.

adrenalene.xs said...


rolling down hills is also very bollywood!

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