Monday, September 29, 2008

the weekend


I am worn out. How was the weekend?

Friday night through the wee hours of Sunday, i spring cleaned. Occasionally taking breaks to snack on something, phone a friend, or check what's going on cyber. While at it, i realised that i might need another trip to my physio. A sharp pain would run from my knee up to my ass each time i place constant pressure onto my right leg for more than 10 minutes? It's developed from what it was and i'm in a lot of pain. I can't act on it now since Eid is around the corner so i've been sighing endlessly and screaming when it hurts.

On a MUCH happier note, Aaron had a mega hawaiian-themed birthday just yesterday and i had sooooo much fun. A party is close to perfect when you're around the people you love. And who doesn't love Aaron? Aaron's beyond inspirational and he is king of kings when it comes to friendship. I love Aaron and i believe just about anyone would too, if they take time to get to know him. Happy Birthday Aaron!

I've got plenty of pictures from yesterday, I'll have them out in the next post or so. Depends.

Sally came out with me and my folks just now for some last minute shopping. My dad and i were just too into the grand prix that we spent a quarter of the journey imitating the sounds of the race. SO! We drove up the Benjamin Sheares and got a slice of the action by slowing down the car and looking down at it. And suddenly, we were all hooligans, cheering as loud as we can with the windows down. My brother got lucky with free tickets, so since he was watching it there, we figured we should share some of the madness. My father became a sudden supporter of all Renaults in the race, since it's the family's car and oh my goodness, what a kid! Pretending to race and accompanying that idea with his version of how it all sounds, what's left to say? My crazy old papa.

I had a nice night. I hope you did too, yum-yums. Check in again tomorrow and i'll have some pictures up. I hope. Till then


rosesdoses said...

aduuh cak awia.. kok tiap kali gue masuk lelaman ini post nya sama aja.. apaan aja si yang kamu bikin. gi mana gue mau tau apa yang terjadi dalam hidop loh.. update donkk! gue jerit nanti.

Maria A. L. said...

salin, one more time kau panggil aku cak awia, that's it. ni serious ni!

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