Monday, December 15, 2008

all things breakfast

Remember the blog i featured called Simply Breakfast? Well, it's sad but Jen (the blogger and photographer) is putting an end to it by this year. So we'll have to bid it goodbye and enjoy what's left of it before the arrival of '09. However, she's not leaving just like that. Jen's releasing her second book. You can have a preview of it here and read her farewell post here. I'm going to make sure that i have a copy for myself.

Just the other day, i had an 'amibitiously planned' day (I'm sorry we're doing a few 'recalls' this time round). That morning, i missed out on breakfast and the run altogether because what wasn't surprising happened and happens all the time, i woke up a quarter to noon and rushed out to grab lunch with Yuki and Sue.

En route, I was still feeling like breakfast and hoping they'd pick a spot where there's at least a sandwich. Just to give in to that crave. So we were headed for Cedele. I've never been there so while my eyes were darting all over the menu, i learnt that..

They've an ALL DAY BREAKFAST MENU. Hallelujah.

So if you're looking to have breakfast at dinner (please tell me i'm not the only one), this is my suggestion for you.

p.s Here's hoping you enjoyed the cold afternoon, i spent most of it snuggling in bed, napping and keeping warm.

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