Thursday, December 11, 2008

now that i'm back..

I didn't but should've meant it when i said i'll be back when i wake. What i did instead was get out of bed at noon, cooked brunch and left for town.

Ahh town.. A burst of contrast from my three days of no internet, swanky malls and Class 95's love songs at bedtime.

My trip to Melaka was food for my soul. Very much like an educational excursion to my life, culture and family history. I will have an entire post about it because it was so meaningful and i'm beaming glad i went on it. It made all the difference to my thoughts about being me, the new year and life ahead.

Just a brief update.

Now that i'm back, the rest of the week seems impossible. I'm jammed with chores and sorts. And the chaos of every year end, Christmas shopping.

After contemplating for far too long, this fickle mind has decided. My photo blog is in construction and i will leave flickr alone until a later time. I hope the split makes more sense because i tend to share a hell lot of photos.

Okay, going to bed. Plan for later is to rise early for breakfast and a run, a lunch date with Yuki and then the tearing down of Orchard Road in search of Christmas gifts. If you're anything like me, that's considered ambitious already. Have a good night everyone.

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