Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at Yuki's

Hello! I hope i haven't been gone for too long and that you enjoyed the holidays.

Just a little bit about last week. The dinner at Yuki's was simple and wonderful. Her apartment was rad, our sushi wasn't too bad, plenty of pizza and chicken wings, chatters till the wee hours of morning and 4 happy girls having a good time on the windy, spacious balcony so high we saw the prettiest view of the city by night.

I loved everything about it.

At my place, the next day, dinner was roast lamb, cauliflower cheese, baked potatoes and mushroom cream. My folks invited Yas over and it went better than i had expected. A friend of mine gave me my favourite flavoured ice cream from Ben & Jerry's for x'mas and so we had that for dessert. That saved the day. My dad spontaneously organized a movie marathon, which went ahead with just the men in my life (my dad, brother and boyfriend). The girls of the house had to unfortunately get some sleep after all that cooking. Right.

My holiday well spent with the people i love and matter so much to me. I know it's rare for me to say this but i'm really happy now after a very, very, very long time.

Wishing you happiness this new year, my sweet readers. Because it tastes so sweet and i never took it seriously until recently. Everyone wishes happiness for each other but until someone stops to explore how deep and special it is, it's just going to be an overrated word i suppose.

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