Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the season to be jolly?

(from here)

More like the season to be sick. I'm down with the flu just as many of my friends and family. It's x'mas eve. And i am sick. And brooding. And feeling gloomy. :(

Tonight's xmas dinner is pizza and japanese at Yuki's. We're going to learn how to roll sushi and take on a few japanese recipes. Maybe even mess her apartment up or misuse the pool. I hope to get better by then or couple of hours prior. I gave my liver a good rest just for tonight! Tell my body, i deserve to get better..

Every year, the family ritual is dinner at home on x'mas. This year, my folks suggested that i be in charge of the kitchen. Ehem! Technically, we don't celebrate xmas but we just join in the fun and use the term 'holiday' instead. Which happens to also be a great excuse for family feasts. We're done shopping for groceries and i'm left to think about dessert.

So i'm busy, a little sick and feeling very festive. I'll see you when i see you.

p.s As of right now, i am at work AND i have frozen unagi in my bag. I know. I try not to think about it.

Merry x'mas and happy holidays!


Me said...


cantstopmunching said...

i tried eating unagi sushi n guess wat?! MIRACULOUSLY i loved it! but i still dont tink i can eat the one at makcik's tho.. HAMIS GILA sakkkk tu

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