Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to my brother!

It's my brother's birthday today so Happy Birthday soldier! We love you!

Last weekend, some of our close friends and my family threw a really messy surprise party for him. T'was far out! At this point, i've given up on the thought that a boys' party can ever be a tidy affair so we just sorta roughed it up & had a hell of a time albeit the rain.

Massive thank you to all our friends who came to the small celebration. We were so close to reducing him to tears. So close. Also, a big hug to my forever awesome parents, who're always supportive of these crazy celebrations that i tend to churn out & tirelessly helping me with it all the time.

So, i'm just going to take a moment to introduce a very sweet cousin of mine who got these cupcakes done for the party on a VERY short notice. Note that a friend of ours did not request for anything more than just cupcakes but she took the time & effort to inject a fraction my brother's personality & her remarkable creativity into it. So, introducing the 'Sergeant's Cupcakes' by Gl3cafe! Thank you so much from the depths of our hearts!
My brother has a blog, do visit.

Guess we're all grown up now, brother. xx

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