Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Eid al-Adha!

Happy Monday! I know i'm many days late but if you'll excuse me, i'd still like to wish Happy Eid al-Adha! I had a fantastic time with my paternal side of the family. All the food, the catch-ups, the mischief (i can't believe we still have it in us) & all the merry stuff put together under one roof. Urgh, so heartwarming.

You know, i vehemently love traditional malay festive food but we both have quite a strange history, as if we were never meant to be. So as with every year, i fell ill the day after. I mean really ill & ill through the next 4 days. I find this so perplexing because i don't even consume all the good stuff as much as i hope to! I'm vexed! Is there anyone out there experiencing this phenomena?

Another thing that i so habitually do, is take a few moment every Eid to reminisce Cirebon, Indonesia. A life changing place & a trip i so strongly value. In the muslim calendar, there are two perfect seasons for charity & in my humble opinion, there's just no better way to celebrate it than to make the less fortunate people really happy!

Hint: if any of you guys think you have the resources & contacts for a chance to do charity work in another part of the world next Eid, please contact me!

P.s if you haven't already, read the Cirebon experience here.

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