Tuesday, November 30, 2010

on not being a 'morning person'

hello everybody, how's the week been?

I endured a whole week of drama & it's been very draining but i'm glad everything is moving to normality already. last night, i did what i thought i would never be able to do. With just a drop of discipline (that means resisting the urge to meet the boy for dinner) & a whole day of tolerating a sleep-deprived headache as well as coughing spells, i hibernated. I slept from 7.30pm (i kid you not) all the way through this morning. I feel so good now!

This will be yet another confession but is there any of you who identifies yourself as 'not-a-morning-person'? & somewhat know that has created a barrier in your life for many years? Well, i am that person, at least not shamelessly. I was thinking long and hard about this all morning & i reflected upon days when i feel great at work & everything just work towards how i want it to, then it finally seeped into my thick skull that i've been in denial all along. All i needed, ALL ALONG, was early nights & good sleep!

Ahh, if you're anything like me, you know that you've dished out all possible excuses to not come to terms with this FACT. So discipline, for the most part of it, is what i'm lacking! Which i sadly & with shame admit that i have a long way to go with that.

And then, that again boils down to what your resolutions are right? While it is highly debatable that New Year resolutions are any help at all, i say that it doesn't hurt a damn bit to take a stab at it. I mean, there's nothing to lose except to risk gaining something healthy for you & your life. So one of my new year's resolution from last year was to think, with a conscious effort, how i can be better everyday. I'll tell you as it is, it doesn't escalate daily. Some days, you back down a bit & shed the black of your stripes. Or even, without realising, you've started a brand new department of a problem while addressing & successfully zapping the others. It's daily, it's constant & it's all part of being human.

On top of struggling to be a better person by thinking about how i can achieve that, i also feed myself with materials that i know is food for my soul. Overall, i think it's done me a world of good. Most importantly, it can never and should never stop.

So my current priority is to get enough sleep. Do you have your shortcomings from not being a morning person?

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