Wednesday, December 1, 2010

letters & friends

Remember my lovely friend Lizzy? Well, she sent me a message not too long ago to ask what i thought about writing letters to each other. My answer? "Yes, please!". There's nothing i love more than pretty paperie, getting ambitiously crafty and continuing a wonderful friendship the old-fashioned way. Which in my opinion, being the traditionalist that i am, feels truly sincere & expressive. Digital mediums just can't do it the way letters can, however way you cut it. Only my thoughts though!

We haven't officially started writing to each other just yet. Liz will land in the UK in about 2 weeks and as soon as she's settled in, she'll send me her first letter with her mailing address so i can write back. I cannot wait!

P.S have you heard of the Benevolent Postcard Society? I've posted about them sometime ago and i'm still smittened by this charming project. Wouldn't it be so nice to form a tiny club of people from different corners of the world to exchange postcards and well wishes?

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