Tuesday, December 7, 2010

blog love: SHIM + SONS

Good morning! It doesn't rain as much anymore these couple of days & i'm thankful for the sun because it doesn't bake me like it does in the mid year (though it's perfect to hit the beach).

Since Christmas is nearing & as you know, it's not exactly my traditional festive time but i still always join in the fun. It's that time of the year where everyone is so merry, exchange gifts & thanks, the town looks pretty, my favourite blogs share the most gorgeous ideas, a good excuse to cook for your family & just every reason to feel so warm.

I've done some of my shopping & now it's my chance to scope the terrains to find & try out a cool way to wrap my gifts. My eyes are darting. When it's packaging, i'll type SHIM + SONS immediately. Another cool mommy you ought to check out.
I especially love brown paper,
And this brilliant Thanksgiving Tree!
Shim got her sons to write what they're thankful for on each 'leaf'. It's going to be a tradition in their family & i can see why!

Ahhh.. I'm so often amazed by creativity.

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